Prueba de nivel inglés

Bienvenido a la prueba de nivel de inglés, a continuación te pedimos que rellenes la información básica para contactarte sin compromiso tras la prueba.

Encontrarás dos tipos de preguntas: 1) Tipo test a elegir la respuesta más correcta. 2) Lista desplegable con opciones, a elegir una.

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1. _____ is the school?

2. _____ you think Greek is easy?

3. _____ you like a cup of coffee?

4. I _____ been to Scotland yet.

5. _____ do you go to the game? On foot.

6. I bought this ball two weeks _____.

7. I like pasta very _____.

8. How many exercises _____ you done so far?

9. Have you _____ to Brazil?

10. How _____ do you weigh?

11. _____ your tasks!

12. "I Am tired!" "_____ am I."

13. If you are late again, I am sure you _____ be fired.

14. Paper _____ made from wood.

15. Matt lives _____ the fifth floor of a block of flats.

16. If you go abroad, you _____ carry your passport with you.

17. Peter really _____ go to the dentist about his teeth, but he won't.

18. Where _____ that man I met yesterday from?

19. What time _____ you leave the pub last night?

20. I went _____ to the city centre yesterday and bought lots of nice things.

21. If I _____ realised you were tired, I'd have slowed down.

22. Do you _____ if I sing?

23. If Rob hadn't been late, he _____ have missed the exam.

24. If I cook , will you wash _____?

25. I wish I _____ find those old photos from school to show you.

26. I'm neither more intelligent _____ less intelligent than my father.

27. Give me a _____ with this ladder, would you? It's a bit heavy.

28. "Would you like a glass of water?" "I'd _____ have beer if you have some."

29. I'd rather you _____ smoke in here, if you don't mind.

30. Tests _____ carried out on this substance should determine its origin.

Selecciona en el desplegable la palabra que debería ir en el espacio en blanco:

31. _____ having an iMac, three laptops and an iPhone, Pepito decided to buy an iPad

32.  Even _____ neither of us like Kevin Costner, we decided to see the film.

33. We didn’t go to the British Museum, _____ staying in a hotel only 10 minutes walk from it.

34. My sister’s gone skiing in the Pyrenees, _____ of the lack of snow this year.

35. I really hope your company agrees _____ us design your mobile phone application.

36. I’ll be happy _____ you when I’m free.

37. He was surprised _____ that he’d passed his final exams.

38. She’s very likely _____ an accident of you let her drive.

39. It might be worth _____ the DVD player in to be repaired.

40. The play was very long, slow and uninteresting. The plot was so _____.

41. The spa and the massage took away all my stress. The health resort was very _____.

42. I had a very good meal. It was totally _____.

43. The music was very beautiful and made me feel magical. It was so _____.

44. The book was very funny and made me laugh. It was really _____.

45. I cried at the end of the film when the girl and her father were killed. The story was so ______.

A continuación se mostrarán una serie de palabras en inglés y deberás buscar su equivalente en español:

46. Nevertheless / however:

47. Although / Even Though / Even if:

48. Whereas:

49. Despite / In spite of:

Elige la opción correcta:

50. People _____ awesome in Spain.

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