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1. You should read this novel — it's been _______ recommended by all the critics.
2. We _______ a lovely three weeks in the south of Spain last year.
3. The teacher asked if _______ to bring our textbooks to class.
4. This meat is beautifully _______ - what recipe did you use?
5. Suzie and John are planning to get married and _______ a lot of children.
6. Emma _______ an instant dislike to her brother's new girlfriend.
7. Jake is very good at sport _______ his twin brother Edward is not interested in it at all.
8. The old railway station has now been turned _______ a very smart restaurant.
9. Karl and Susan have agreed to come to our party, _______ has made Maria very happy.
10. Paul _______ a friendship with a girl who was staying in the same hotel as us in France last year.
11. Jack's parents _______ and so I am sure they would love to go to the exhibition.
12. I think that the problem Henry has raised is a major _______ for our society today.
13. Please don't forget to ring me when you _______ home.
14. Fiona is very angry _______ her boss's decision to sack several members of staff.
15. The police are _______ an investigation into the robbery.

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